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search problem (need to input full text to search)



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i'd also like a bit more intelligent search, specifically verb tenses or a dictionary/thesaurus compare.  a search on "discharged" failed to find "discharge" in my note's title. android version in my case, but i also use iOS and desktop versions.

[Edit2: offer the ability (maybe a checkbox) to instant toggle some of this extra checking in case people use their own tagging/titling methodology, and not have such a thesaurus search produce too many results.]

It might be necessary to make this improvement language agnostic in case, like OP above, there is mixed text and symbols, which probably adds a boatload of complexity.  i'm switching to beta version now, in high hopes of better search, and this might even percolate to the EN support's feedback search function 


[Edit: it appears that EN support search already handles "subset" search (see image)


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more detail, updated feature request
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