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Missing menu items on some newer devices

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On my newer Nexus phone (Android 7.1.1) and my older Dell Venue 8 tablet (Android 4.5), if you open a note, then tap on the 3 dot menu, you normally get the following menu:

Search in note
Copy internal link

Save as template
Add to shortcuts
Add to home screen

Simplify formatting
(Go to source)

Delete note

In my newest Onyx Boox Note tablet with an e-ink screen (Android 6), I get only the following:

Add to home screen
Add to shortcuts
Share note
(Go to source)

I was really looking forwards to using my Boox Note for heavy editing because of the e-ink screen, but too many missing menu items makes this impractical, at the very least I need Copy internal link to be visible inside the note menu (using the Select note menu seems more convoluted, though it works).

Also, in the Select Note menu, "Tag" is missing in the Boox Note, and when you select a note, it adds a menu item missing from the other devices: "Send log with Note".  

The two newer devices show Evernote version 8.5.1, yet the behavior is different as above.

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I use two Samsung Androids with different OS versions (6 & 7) - one's a 5.7" phablet and the other's a 10" tablet.  Don't know whether it's screen size or OS version,  but there are subtle differences between Evernote's activities on each device.  Haven't checked individual menus,  or documented the  differences because they aren't significant to me;  and I've assumed that Evernote checks when it starts up and the devices (obviously) register as different screen sizes/ OS versions.

In retrospect that was wrong/ dumb,  because if Evernote don't get queries or reports that things aren't working out as users expect,  they're not going to know that the issue is causing concern.  Whether it's a bug,  a gap in the plan to 'harmonise' the look and feel between devices, or just a design choice -that they may or may not be willing or able to change,  I'd say - raise a support ticket by all means:  the worst they can say is "it's supposed to be that way!"  At least you'll know.

Evernote don't -usually- respond to individual posts,  but you will personally get their attention with a support request.

Go for it!  -And tell us please what response you get.

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Still waiting for support, in the mean time, in case anyone else has observed this behavior, I am attaching some of the pics I sent to support, to show the issues, comparing with a normal Android screen.








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On 11/9/2018 at 10:19 AM, gazumped said:

Go for it!  -And tell us please what response you get.

I don't know, I usually get pretty good responses from Windows support, Android support seems a tad dismissive in their analysis in all responses  I have gotten so far. 

Apparently they are waiting to hear from the developers, but I haven't heard anything further since Tuesday, we'll see.

Hopefully we'll actually get to see the announced dark theme before then.  Seems strange to announce something that is not yet available on Android.

If you do notice anything similar to the pictures above in your devices, that might help with my case.

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