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Typically when I use scannable, it recognizes the image and crops it accordingly. A few months ago however, I scanned a book with dozens of pages for my reference and I didn't realize at tht time that it was not adjusting the size. I saved the file and now the sizing is all off. Some pages are appropriately sized and others are not. The document is not longer on my scannablesince it was a while ago and I can't figure out how else to edit the pdf to the correct size. Does anyone know of any tricks that might work to do that?

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Hi.  Have you checked online to see if there are any other PDFs of this book out there?

Don't know of any quick ways to do this.  If you have or can find a PDF editor,  you would be able to crop pages individually,  or if there's a similarity between several pages,  you can crop pages 3,5,7,19 (forinstance) in one.  Let us know if you find a solution...

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