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Change of email address didn't work


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I want to change the e-mail address from which I forward notes or post them.  I clicked, "change e-mail address", changed my e-mail address after verifying my password, received an e-mail asking me to confirm/verify my (new) e-mail, and clicked the green , "Verify e-mail address" button.


And yet, when I now go to forward notes or post them, I'm asked to confirm that my old address is my address. Well of course, it is not.


It then occurred to to me that the cause may be that I had not logged out. So I logged out, and tried to log back in with the new e-mail address.  And got this message:


" There is no account for the username or email you entered."




I then tried using what I think is my username.  The error message I got this time was:


Incorrect password. You modified your password 791 days ago.


I then tried logging on using my old e-mail address - and logged in.

How could this be?


What's going on?




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@Craiger If I understand correctly, you wanted to change the email you send notes to, but you accidentally changed the actual account email. Have you tried the Forgot password link for the old or new email? This should allow you to reset your password. If that doesn't work for you, you're going to have to reach out to customer support to help you out. 

In the future, the email that you send notes to is listed in your account settings page, under the heading "Email Notes to". It's an auto-generated email address. You can reset that address, but I don't believe you can set it manually.

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