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Moving Notes to New Notebook -- Needs Improved Workflow



When looking through notes in my "general" notebook, I often have several I want to collect into a new notebook. If I select those notes and start the move operation, I have no way of creating the new notebook. I have to leave the notes I'm working with, go create the notebook, then go find the notes again, then move them. This is a huge pain, and I may not even remember/find all the notes I had in the first place, meaning I have to skim them all again. 

In the attached image, "Move Notes to..." should offer the ability to create a new notebook. This seems obvious. Can we get this implemented?


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20 hours ago, DTLow said:

You might consider your use of Notebooks and Tags.
There are various advantages, including Tags can be easily created on the fly.

It's true that I haven't found a methodology for employing tags and notebooks that's comfortable yet. That doesn't change the fact that one should be able to create a notebook from withing the "move selected notes" workflow, IMO.

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