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Be a Math Super Genius for your kids!

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I'll leave this as an ethical problem for parents and grandparents to decide.

I recently had to unlimber my long dormant math knowledge to help my grandson work out a formula.  It hurt somewhat,  but at least I remembered how. 

Then ironically I saw in an item in @heather's Evernote Daily News about 'photomath' - an iOS and Android app that will work out (and graph!) math problems for you,  whilst explaining and teaching the process. 

Scan the problem with a camera and text recognition,  plus built in math smarts,  will work through the solution in teaching mode and give you an answer.

If I'd had this back in the day,  I would probably be stepping rapidly through the screens and just getting the answers for my workbook - but sadly I learned my math in a day when we were taught tables by rote,  had actual printed books of logarithms and I thought a slide rule was "new tech".  So stuff has been pounded in.

I'd counsel caution in releasing information about this app to anyone under the age of 18 though - let 'em suffer!  ?

But for parents & GP's wrestling with problem-wracked pre-teens,  and somewhat antiquated math knowledge,  this might be a godsend... ?



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