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I cannot send notes to an email

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Hello, i have been using Evernote on an IPhone and i always could send notes to an email, (the whole note with it content) 

Now i am using Android on a phone and when i try to share a note (three points to share and writing an email) the other person receives a notification that i have shared a note with Evernote, but not the note directly with the text an photo or whatever i have sent.

Someone can help me!

Thanks a lot!!!


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Hi.  On the share note page,  hit the three dots menu for variations including "email copy of note"

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Hi, Iam new to evernote. I need to email my conversations in Evernote and i am having a lot of trouble . I am using Android and have read the oroginal request for help in this thread. I feel stupid, but cant find the share button. Please help?

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