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Lost notes and notebook configuration



Hi, I'm having an issue in that my notes and notebooks seem to have reverted back to a past configuration, in which most of my activity over the past couple of months has disappeared.

I've recently moved to a new device with Evernote - a new home laptop.  Previously I have had two devices synced to my Evernote account - a work laptop and my mobile phone. My mobile phone remains synced to the account as well. My assumption would be that whenever I am logged into Evernote with an internet connected device, the app would periodically sync to ensure that my files are backed up on the Evernote server. This doesn't seemed to have been the case, unless I am missing something.

I would have submitted this directly as a technical request to Evernote, but even though I've selected the 14 day free trial for full membership it doesn't seem to allow me to do this.

Can anyone help please?

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