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Don't dismiss previously taken screenshot and allow to take screenshots including Skitch window with previous screenshot opened



I'm an iOS develop and often need to do a series of screenshots of iOS simulator. I used to use some other app before which wasn't hiding its previous window when I was taking a new screenshot. So I was taking a first screenshot, then moved simulator next to it and go to next screen and take another screenshot of both iOS simulator window and that previous screenshot. And repeat if needed. This way I ended up having single image with multiple screens shown on it.

But too bad, that Skitch hides its previous window when I take a new screenshot. And even worse that it also doesn't allow me to have two screenshots being opened. Just one screenshot at a time ;(

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Hi.  In Evernote for Windows it's possible to take screenshots with a keyboard shortcut and save either to a note (one screenshot to one note) or to the desktop for further processing.  There are also any number of alternative screenshot utilities (including one in the OS) to save to image files or PDFs,  including a number of very flexible presentation content editors like Jing and Snagit.  I assume that MacOS has similar options

Skitch hasn't been updated AFAIK for some time so further development seems unlikely...

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On 11/6/2018 at 7:46 PM, yas375 said:

often need to do a series of screenshots

Macs have Evernote Helper in the top menu bar.
This allows for a series of screenshots which can be dragged to your work

As per @gazumped, I just save screenshots to the desktop

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