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.cdb file rebuild is ruining my SSD & lag, lag

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with all the notes colleague shared with me, i have 112128 notes.

every time i update my notes, my mac get lagged.

lag, lag, lag....and hot

i found that there is a 41MB file "LocalNoteStore.metadata.cdb" rebuild with "LocalNoteStore.metadata.cdb~temp" every time i update my single note,and with more other local database activities I don't know.

a user with 3000 notes size is 1.2MB, but mine is 41MB!! when it runs, it write almost 500GB/day data to my ssd for my daily use!! (new note with text editing only, no big attachment at all,  that's horrible )


i buy this MacBook a few days ago , first sync, its hot and lag, i have only 35GB evernote data, but it write 16TB data to my disk, (maybe .cdb file build and rebuild.) and takes me days.

i really feel sick and frustrated .

if this continue lag and write stupid data to my disk, i must get mad.( is it possible to replace this with other db like sqlite? or redesign to separate it, it will save my life.)

windows doesn't have this issue...


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