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Downloads from Play but does not open

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I downloaded EN from Google Play but when I try to open it by clicking on the elephant icon, it just flips me out back to the tablet's home screen.  Will not open. Have reset the tablet, restarted it many times, emptied the cache ... suggestions?

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Hmmn.  Just to check:  do you have an active internet connection too?  I assume you do,  otherwise you couldn't download the app..  but Evernote does need to 'phone home' when it first boots up,  and if it doesn't see a connection,  maybe that's the issue.

Otherwise I'd suggest you raise this with both Simbans and Evernote to see if they have any more suggestions - clearly it shouldn't be a problem to run a standard app like Evernote.  When you find the answer please come back and tell us:  I'm intrigued!



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