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Lost 10 days of note content



I just discovered that I lost 10 days of note content.

I've been updating a note as a sort of journal, adding dated content every day or two.  Sometimes I add content on my iPad, sometimes using the web UI on my desktop computer.  Today I went to add content and discovered that the previous 10 days of content are gone.  I see the same thing on both the iPad and the web UI.  I don't have Evernote Premium so I can't see the history, but the note info clearly shows that I updated the note yesterday ever though yesterday's content is missing.

Is there any way to get back the missing content?  Is the only solution to upgrade to Premium?

I tried clearing the cache on the iPad but that made no difference.  I downloaded the activity log but it only has data from today.

Other notes that I've updated recently have not lost any content.

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18 minutes ago, bshannon said:

Is there any way to get back the missing content?  Is the only solution to upgrade to Premium?

My solution for lost content is recovery from backups.
I have personal backups, and Evernote maintains a Note History backup

Access to the Note History data is a paid account feature; you can subscribe for a single month


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I had a similar problem 2 days ago. I lost a few hours of work (I was updating a note with some instructions from my work). I upgraded to premium hoping to retrieve it from Evernote's note history, but it wasn't there. So I lost my time, my work, and my money. Anyway, there's a chance that if you upgrade to premium you can retrieve your note, but most likely, if it didn't get to Evernote, it's probably it was never submitted, so it might not be in the history.

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I did upgrade to Premium and was able to recover my lost note content.

But this was just another reminder that it's time to move away from Evernote.  I often run into cases where the app or the web UI are just a little bit flakey.  This pushed me over the edge.  Luckily, Apple Notes imports Evernote .enex backup files very nicely.

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5 hours ago, DTLow said:

What's the backup/recovery process in Apple Notes?

Well, that's a good question, and the answer isn't as clean as I would like.

The best answer I've found is here, which depends on you doing regular Time Machine backups, which of course you should be doing anyway.  There are also some third party products that claim to help with this, but they weren't free.  And of course Notes does maintain a Recently Deleted folder so if you accidentally delete a note you can get it back.  But that wouldn't have helped with my problem.

Fortunately, I've never had any problems with lost data or notes using Apple Notes.

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