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Google Keep hijacked Evernote Web Clipper position


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Not sure what happened here but -

Went to clip a page and the Webclipper extension icon, which is normally in the first position next to the omnibox, was no longer there. In it's place was a "Save to Keep" icon. 

I don't remember putting Keep in that location. When I went to the extensions page it had a Reload button next to it and the Webclipper returned.

Running Chrome 70.0.3538.77, recently updated, on Windows 10

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Hi.  Not seen any reports like this before...

Don't know what actions could have both added a Keep icon and removed/ disabled the Evernote add-in.  Does anyone else use your computer?  You may have clicked on something inadvertently loading Keep,  or someone else wanted to use that extension and accidentally replaced the Clipper icon.

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I'm the only user on this machine and I don't remember adding the Keep extension. Just seems a little suspicious that G launch a competitor to Evernote and suddenly it's replacing it.  Points against this theory, Both Evernote and Adblock required reloading after the Chrome update and I had clicked on the Keep sidebar in GMail to see what it was.

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Unless and until we get some more reports like this I'd write it off as an unfortunate click or keypress - I don't think Google would go quite so far as to hijack a clipper extension... but you're right to be suspicious of any unexpected changes!

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This shows the positions for my Evernote and Keep clippers.

Green elephant = Evernote clipper
Black lightbulb = Keep clipper

Both are functioning properly

* Chrome Version 70.0.3538.77 (Official Build) (64-bit)
* Windows 10


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