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new scansnap Home software/ENote integration

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RESOLVED....see notes from Fujitsu below:

(I believe the existing ScanSnap software that allowed integration is no longer available and won't be supported)



When looking at Scansnap's site they lead you to a new software tool called "Home".

Has anyone integrated this with evernote?

The older scansnap software integrated well scanning to ENote....can't seem to figure this one out. 


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My question as well. My PC frequently loses its connection to my ScanSnap (which basically I love). To their credit, tech support always connected me again, but who has time? Home looks like it might duplicate a lot of functions that Evernote handles well.

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From a quick read of the website - https://www.fujitsu.com/uk/products/computing/peripheral/scanners/scansnap/software/sshome/

 - it looks very like SSH will 'intelligently' suggest names for your scans,  and can store them for later retrieval.  There's no mention of Evernote in the storage process,  so I guess they have their own document store - maybe with cloud backup.  Possibly an Evernote competitor - provided you are willing to limit your inputs to scannable documents.  The naming thing might make it worthwhile if you have lots to scan,  but the whole filing and finding part of the software is academic if you're going to move / copy content into Evernote.

I'd have a play if my old S1500 was compatible,  but this app is limited to scanners currently on sale.  Don't recall seeing much about pricing either...

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I will update after I reach Fujitsu...I simply assumed there had to be thousands of these scanners integrated with ENote?





Dear Valued Customer,

Are you on Mac or PC? The app needs to be added manually, or you could switch to a function called ScanSnap Home. 

Unfortunately, that auto integration with Evernote is not available with the new software update, so it will need to be added manually. If you'd like a remote session for it, please call us at 1-800-626-4686 option 1. I can try to guide you through it once I know which operating system you are on. 

Thank you for choosing Fujitsu,
Kenny N
Technical Assistance Center
Fujitsu Computer Products of America
Phone: (800) 626-4686
Scanner and Service Support contacts
Scanner and Software Technical Support Knowledge Base 
ScanSnap Community     

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post #1 of 3 (solution)


To go through it over the phone, you would need to call us at 1-800-626-4686 option 1. I am unavailable via phone.

You would open the ScanSnap Home software, then click Scan at the Top Left. Click on the + sign at the top right to create a new profile. You can choose THE Save Documents template. You can change the name of the profile to Evernote instead of Save documents. Then at the bottom where it says Application. Click on Send to: None (Scan to File), and click Add or Remove. 

Then click Add -> Display name put Evernote. Click on Browse and choose the Evernote application (Should be in the Applications Folder). Then click Ok. Close, and make sure it is selected as the Application, and click on Add. Then make sure you have this new profile selected and scan with it. 

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thanks…got through first paragraph but can’t figure out second: "Then click Add -> Display name put Evernote.”
I see the “everNote” folder I created but when i click on that and then click on the plus sign I get “select template from the left”

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post 3 of 3 (which worked for me...either by using "scan" button or ScanSnap home app scan button)

note: not sure if it is making PDF's all searchable yet.




Next to the plus icon is a pencil icon to edit the profile. It looks like you created the profile without making any changes yet, so we can just edit it afterwards. After clicking the Pencil, you can go to the bottom where it says application. Click None (Scan to File) -> Add or Remove -> Add, etc.

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17 hours ago, lylegray said:

When looking at Scansnap's site they lead you to a new software tool called "Home".

Has anyone integrated this with evernote?

The older scansnap software integrated well scanning to ENote....can't seem to figure this one out. 


Which Scansnap scanner do you have?  I believe they have included an Evernote profile for a while now in their common scanners.  Just a selection of this profile and connection to your Evernote account and you should be good to go.   The Home software does appear to be a separate document storage option from Evernote. 

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as noted b/4 Resolved...here is a manual from Fujitsu that may help others as well .


From Fujitsu support: 
I think eventually or hopefully, we can have a quick/detailed guide regarding how to add applications like Evernote. In the meantime, this might be the best tool - https://www.pfu.fujitsu.com/imaging/downloads/manual/ss_webhelp/en/help/webhelp/topic/ope_appli_mgr.html

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Thanks Lyle - can confirm this got my scansnap connected to Evernote.  I wish there was a way to select the default notebook for scanning like the old evernote edition scansnaps - but this at least scans to the currently selected notebook.  

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Everybody who wants to improve on using the ScanSnap Home Software: Use and adapt the profiles to your need. By creating new profiles, and modifying the old ones I could customize the scanner to do what I wanted and needed. On the ix500, one has to pick the right profile first at the Mac, then scan. On the new ix1500, the profiles can be changed directly on the new touch display.

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