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Monthly usage not getting updated on deleting recent notes

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Hi all, I'm using the latest Evernote app on my Samsung device.

I created a note yesterday with a 20MB attachment and the monthly usage remaining went down from about 40MB to 20MB remaining.

I immediately deleted the note and emptied the trash too. Still, the monthly usage showed only 20MB upload remaining.

I later tried deleting other notes and removing big attachments totally from EN, for testing, and the usage did not get updated. I'm now barely having 5MB remaining and the monthly limit will reset after 22 days.

This has to be a technical fault, and if not, a terrible idea implementation. I would like to know how it has been for others.

Thank you!

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4 minutes ago, DTLow said:

fyi  The montly allowance is per data upload to the server.  Its not a measure of how much data you're storing.

I see. That's not generally intuitive from the words they use in-app. Thanks for the info.

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