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Change spacing between notes

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Recent updates of the Android app have changed the way notes are displayed in the list. Some will find the somewhat more spread-out or open display appealing, others will find it annoying and space-wasting, I suppose. But it is the way the interface is designed currently, and cannot be adjusted.

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49 minutes ago, lilbuddha said:

I also dislike this change.   Spent 15 minutes looking for somewhere to send Evernote that feedback.   Would appreciate a suggestion on where to do that.

You could post in Evernote's discussion forum  😋

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@DTLow, the so-called user @seranrakan1995 may be a bot. At any rate, it mainly seems to (a) quote an earlier post, but with underlining and links to various Websites embedded in the quote; then (b) make an apparent reply, often copied from another earlier post. It's cleverly done, but I'm 99% sure it's fake. At any rate, I wouldn't click on those links if you paid me. I've reported the posts.

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