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(Archived) Google reader / tag question



I have 2 questions.

1. What is the best (quickest) way to get items from google reader to evernote? I've tried the "email to" my evernote email address, I"ve tried to cliper, I've tried clicking on the elephant, I've tried the "send to" evernote option, and I'm still not sure what gives me the full article the best way. (For some strange reason Evernote / reader doesn't always behave the same. Sometimes I'll get the full page article, and sometime's I'll just get a link that says "User name has shared something with you that you may find interesting" - I never know why I get one, or the other. I'm always looking at things in the extended view.

I have over 1000 starred items I am trying to VERY QUICKLY go through and email them to evernote. (at least most of them) I'd like to get tags working as well, but ....

2. When I put @, or # in the subject line from google reader, it goes into evernote with just #, or @ in the title. As if it is part of the title, it doesn't bring it in as tags. Any idea what's going on?

Basically I'd like to very quickly go through the long list of starred items and get items over to evernote. I'm also interested in finding some good key board short cuts, but I'm not sure what to use. If I could find a quick way to email from list view (with tags) to my evernote email address, and keep quickly going down the list, without every having to take my hands off the keyboard, it'll be very helpful.

Does anyone have any info on how I would do this?


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