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Will an attachment be auto-synced if I modified elsewhere?

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Hello guys:

If I attach a word document saved in my dropbox to a note in Evernote, then I modified the content of that document later, is there any possible ways to make the attachment auto-sync with the new version in dropbox? I've tried several times, but the attachment remained the same unless I delete it from Evernote then re-attach it. Hope you may have some solution? thanks!



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As my colleague said - you're wasting storage space if the file is attached to a note with a copy stored in Dropbox.  If you need that file to be available to someone else,  keep it in Dropbox and paste a direct link to that file into your note so you can open it (in Dropbox) from there.  If it's just for your use,  kill the Dropbox entry and open the file from the note attachment.

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