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Petition to Keep Old Web Design Layouts



The new web version is a step back IMHO.

The old design was new and inovative allowing for almost full page note editing, keeping only a column for the notes and a slim button interface to change notebooks/tag/etc that expanded on a ribbon approach. This is far superior to the new iteration with double columns for the Notebooks/Tags and Notes Items. You must understand that when using web interface we might be stuck with less screen space. The old layout was also more streamlined and clean. The approach to show only what is needed hiding some others was very appealing and I would have expected a refresh version of this, with more thought over the things that were not that good instead instead of haviing this "new" approach that basically is to look like any other OS's Client?...

Why do we have to go though these major versions with major features taken back.... Also thumbnails view are there and loading time are much faster for me on Chrome on the old version.

Who likes the Old Version Layout better and thinks was a step (not totally there, but in the ballpark) forward and this new one is not really moving things to a better place?

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Just to be clear, here's a side by side screenshots

I can work with the new version.
My preference is for a minimal sidebar with just the icons; and a minimal note list

1103674640_ScreenShot2018-10-31at07_32_28.png.0ae23abd41541c92dc25ef1a615e3fb8.png       670916116_ScreenShot2018-10-31at07_37_27.thumb.png.170dc1db1d4c02a63dd2892c88104a83.png

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think that new design layouts can be better and convenient. I had an old website with my portfolio, which was not popular because of bad web design. I found this website mangomattermedia.com where u can find information about web design, digital marketing, and web hosting research. These guys helped me to upgrade my site, to make a smart layout. Now people who want to visit my site, don’t have problems with scrolling from all types of devices. It is a reason, why I think that new layout will be more comfortable and better. If you have free time, look over this site, I’m sure u will find smth interesting for yourself.

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I definitely support your idea. I also prefer the minimalistic old one. I think customers’ opinions should be taken into account in this case, because at the end of the day, it is us who have to deal with this interface and the user experience should be a nice one for everybody. I know a lot of web design companies are constantly changing or updating their design, because the user has a lot of input, and that’s a perfectly normal thing. I know this web design company https://www.firstcom.com.sg that creates beautiful websites. My friend hired them some time ago, and every detail that she wanted to be included, they took it into considerations. That’s an example to follow.

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