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Notes Automatically Translated to Another Language

Jacob Ong


Hi, my notes got automatically translated to another language when I synced my notes on desktop application, in this case from English to Mandarin.

I searched around and there was another user who faced the same issue: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/105165-notes-automatically-translated-to-russian/

Any way to roll back/translate back to English without paying for premium and assessing the notes history? I believe this should be a bug.

Appreciate for any help, thanks!

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I am also having this problem. 4 of my notes have translated to what appears to be Mandarin. I usually use the app for iOS. I logged in on Windows and found the same thing. How do I un-translate these. This is an odd bug. 

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Hi, and welcome to the forums. This is indeed very strange. I would suggest changing your password right away, to ward off trespassers (use something that is unique to your Evernote account, not a reused password from another site or service, since it could be stolen from there and used to access your Evernote). You might even considering 2-factor authentication.

As for "untranslating," the only suggestion I can offer is to upgrade to Premium for just one month, so that you can access the history of your notes. (The history is created for all users, but you need a Premium account to access it.) Hopefully that will recover the untranslated notes, and maybe show when they were translated too. Then you can drop back to Basic from Premium.

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