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How to change notebook for new note in new version?

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I used to be able to easily click the notebook and switch it when creating a new note on windows PC.  

I seem to have to click the top right corner and choose move and then enter.  So much effort.

Now I click to add a new note, it puts it in a default notebook.

When I click on the default notebook to change it, it's a link that brings me to that notebook instead of letting me change it.

What am I missing?  I'll have to go back to the old version.

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Is this the web version, or the Windows application?

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Hmmn.  Sounds like the new web version.  I just had trouble working out where to find a note's original URL - there are now two three dots menus!  Anyhoo - switch back to the older web version in Settings if that's the case...

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