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HUGE problems moving notes back to Evernote from Bear

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Hi -

I tried Bear for a year. Like it, but there's still no way to share groups of notes, and looks like the Bear devs are not planning on this any time soon. So back to Evernote. Or so I thought.

One of the reasons I switched to Bear was because I though it was easier to get things out in comparison to Evernote. WRONG. So very wrong. 

Turns out that no form of export from Bear or drag and drop into Evernote brings photos and other attachments in as anything other than a link back to the Bear note.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Because now I am looking at possibly having to reconstruct/ re-clip hundreds and hundreds of notes. 


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Thanks for asking. Alas, I have no experience, but I was just looking at Bear vs Evernote. I've been a loyalist ever since EN began (when you couldn't even pay them anything), but my tiny little 128gb hard drive is suffering from my eHoarding compulsions, so I've been considering other options.

Having read your question, I'm thinking I'm sticking with the big elephant.

Good luck and if I run across an answer, I'll come back and share the link.


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@bonster713I would stick with EN for now. Bear has some great features and more elegant design than EN, but it is too young for power users or people who want to collaborate. I might return to it in a year or two.

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Don't know if you solved this, but I experimented with Bear and came to the same conclusion you did. I ended up on Notion as a replacement, btw.

Here's how I moved my notes from Bear to Evernote when I decided Bear wasn't ready for prime time. 

I selected the notes I needed to move, and exported them as HTML files. Opened EN, and dragged the HTML files into a folder in EN. Evernote won't let you import from the File > Import menu, except for .enex files, but if you drag the HTML file into a folder it will read it and import it. Everything came across for me.

If you have images/attachments in Bear, you have to remember to click the "Export Attachments" option when exporting the notes. That will create a folder for your attachments, Evernote will follow the links in HTML to import them.

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I moved a lot of attachments one by one. :wacko:  Never heard of Notion. Will check it out!

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