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Prior to the new "and improved" UI design (in the last 24 hours), I used to be able to view all my notes in a particular notebook by thumbnails (Evernote as viewed in a web browser on a PC) - provided the notes had at least one photo, I could see multiple thumbnails at a time. Now there is only text and a view of only one note at a time showing a photo. We have to select an individual note in order to see the photo. How is that an improvement?

We *should* have a similar experience as with the mobile app, where users can scan through notes by the thumbnails provided.

Unless I'm missing something - I cannot find a way to adjust the new layout. ??  :-/

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I've been using Evernote for ever, and have around 2K detailed notes. Thumbnails are VERY IMPORTANT to me. Tried the new interface, could find the option to view thumbnails so I went back to the old look. But I'm really worried, what if they decide to remove the old interface?? If my thumbnails are gone, I'm gone with them!! ..probably migrating all my notes will be painful, but it is what it is..

The reason Im posting here, to see if there is an improvement on thumbnails. A little bit scared to switch to the new interface, what if I cant switch it back this time..

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