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Web clipper uploading/sync'ing 2 copies of web page, eating usage

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I've had multiple incidents recently where the web clipper using Chrome Version 69.0.3497.100 (Official Build) (64-bit) and Windows 10 64-bit will upload 2 copies of the clip.  

It's effectively eaten my monthly usage by duplicating at least 7 or more uploads.  

At least 2 of the clips I let upload for many minutes without touching and there were 2 copies sync'd, however some of the uploads I became impatient because they took so long to upload, I hit cancel and tried again.  I have verizon/comcast internet and decent speed.  

Uploading pages below used a TON of usage seemingly for no reason AND uploaded the page 2x:




I read online at evernote about uploading a log file, but I wouldn't think you'd want to do that in a public forum.  

I would like the double uploaded usage removed from my usage count for the month.  

I wonder if this is just me or others have experienced this?  

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I have had the same problem. I clip a page or a pdf. It seems to take quite a while and then I end up with 9 copies of the article.  It is annoying and if I were close to my monthly limit, I'd be furious. 

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