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(Archived) Exporting notes/notebooks/categories

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I'm trying to move all the notes from one beta account to another, following these instructions: http://www.evernote.com/support/beta/windows.php#share

Export* notes to other Evernote users:

* Select one or more notes in the tape (Cmd-click on notes to select multiple).

* Right-click the header of a selected note and choose Export... from the popup menu.

* In the Save as type drop-down list, choose the Evernote enx3 option.

* Send the saved file to the other user, who can use the Note -> Import... menu or drag and drop the file onto the tape to import the notes.

* Export is not supported in beta versions and earlier.

However, when I select 'Export', I don't see the enx3 option --- I'm only offered html, mht and txt.

I'm using version

Any suggestions?

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ENX3 import/export (ENX3 is a newer XML-based export format that will be understood by both Windows and Mac client) is not yet available (we are planning to start working on it soon). So, this is a bug in our documentation.

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