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Please bring spell check up to speed.



I'm writing an interactive story game, and I use Evernote to write all my worldbuilding notes and keep code cheat sheets. I like having spell check and don't want to turn it off, but it underlines anything out of the ordinary, so when I'm writing down some code or using made-up words/names, I end up with a lot of red underlines. Most any other program with a spell check function gives you a little wizard popup that goes through the misspelled words one by one and lets you correct, ignore, or add them to the dictionary with a single click before moving on to the next word.

In Evernote, you have to right-click each word yourself and select "Add to dictionary" from the right-click menu ("Ignore" is also there, but apparently doesn't work; yes, I am using the latest version). This makes the process of going through a lot of new words much more tedious. As a chronic tendonitis sufferer, I can assure you it really does make a huge difference to reduce clicks and mouse action needed to perform a function.

I am aware that the Mac version has a spelling/grammar checker, but I don't have a Mac.

I've attached some examples of spell checkers from OpenOffice and Google Docs. I think Evernote needs this kind of function, badly. I don't understand why this was left out. It seems like a huge oversight not to have a basic spell checker.

openoffice spell checker.png

google docs spell checker.png

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