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permanent New Work Chat notification

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I have an issue similar to the one mentioned here: How to locate notification alert on app icon

Evernote iOS tells me that I have 1 new Work Chat, when I have 0 work chats total. This has been going on for months, if not years. I vaguely remember it showing up when I tried Work Chat or Premium for the first time. I can turn off the app icon notifications in iOS like the above post mentions, and have before, but I'd like to be able to actually trust them. How can I get rid of this?


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I have this exact issue, not only that new work chats don’t even show up in your notification alerts like text messages or any other message app. Evernote is really testing our business account patience with how their managing basic features. Instead of a new logo font how about fix these issues that paid users are experiencing and add more features we have been asking for to be a competitive product for years. 

Evernote’s slow relative response towards updating its client is really trying a lot of people’s patience with looking at other services who seemingly update their app in the same century. 

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