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2 hours ago, Micaël said:

Please bring back the old font size from the latest stable version for the notes list in the "side list view". The new font in 7.6 Beta 1 is way to big and distracting.

Perhaps it is to some.  To others the increase in size may be needed to be readable.

Could someone please post a screenshot that shows the new font size?

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11 minutes ago, DTLow said:

Svreenshot below; the font in the note text is Helvetica Neue 14

Thanks for posting this, @DTLow.  That font and size looks great to me -- very readable.

I assume that we can still toggle display of the Sidebar on/off, so those that find it distracting can easily hide it.

@Evernote:  My vote is to leave the font and size as you have changed it.

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