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Evernote (sort of) Read Only



All of a sudden, my Evernote (windows 7x64 Pro) has become an annoying sort of Read-Only. I can type text, whether in a new note or an existing note. But I can't paste graphics... which was the first clue. I shut down the Clipboard manager I use (M8's Spartan), and recreated the graphics in my screenshot program (GreenShot) and then in Gadwin PrintScreen when THAT failed. I pasted it from IrfanView. That failed. The only thing it would accept was text. And no deletions don't take.

And then it wouldn't save the changes/edits/additions. Nothing is taking.

I re-started Evernote and it came up pointing to a note I last looked at a week ago. I checked for notes in the interim. There ARE notes that I created yesterday and the day before. I've hit a little dry stretch as those truly ARE the only two notes I entered in the last week. But they ARE there.

But I can't edit them. Or add a new note that is anything but blank. To Evernote's credit, it doesn't keep adding blank notes. The blank one shows up at the top of any notebook or sub-notebook. When I go to All Notes, no blanks show. 

Any Ideas??? Thanks in advance for your help, GM

Oh, and one other nit that may or may not be involved in this. For about the last nine months, when I restart my computer and Evernote auto-starts, NONE of the notes are available. All the interface, all the notebooks are in the tree, but no notes. I shut down the tray icon, restart the tray icon and that fixes things. I DID try the out and back in with this, to no avail.

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