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(Archived) Major issues so far: search in web evernote / one note impor

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Two major issues so far:

1. The web evernote search feature does not seem to accept non-Ascii search terms. Searching in Japanese works very well in the Windows version, not at all in the web version. The thumbnail view in the web version also shows all Japanese characters as small blank squares (but Japanese is displayed correctly when a note is opened).

2. For me the major gripe is the lack of import from One Note. One Note is certainly to blame since exporting from One Note 2003 is impossible but Evernote should do the extra step to allow OneNote users to move to Evernote. Even copying OneNote notes using the universal clipper does not work well since notes consisting of several areas in OneNote end up as an image and not as text in Evernote.

Smaller issues already touched upon by other users:

3. Security: Evernote should do more to provide a secure environment for the web version.

4. The windows version is awfully slow: entering new notes (e.g., from a firefox web page) takes more than 10 seconds on my Dell Optiplex 745 (arguably not a racing horse but still) running WinXPSP2. Entering scanned images takes forever and makes it impossible to envisage moving a lot of scanned files to Evernote.

Keep on the good work!

Update: the mail-to feature of OneNote noted in a post below works quite well indeed.

2nd update: the windows client is so slow that updating in the web version is much quicker. Unfortunately, the web version does not see to have the same editing features (font, etc.). In addition, the web version does not automatically add the first line of the note as note title.

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