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Are you sure popup / undo feature when deleting from trash



Due to the current setup I accidentally deleted and old note from trash I'm not even sure what is was but it looked interesting because it like it was in another language, like Russian or something. I just click accidentally moving the cursor hitting Erase, even a, Are you sure? Yes. No. dialogue box could have saved me from getting rid of it. Plus and undo button would be a good idea,  it's easy enough to just hold on deleted trash for say up to 14 days before it's permanently gone if I can have stuff in trash for years before clearing it, they you can hold on to trash for 14 days, if not even easily enough 30 days or so.

I can't believe the way it's setup right now if you hit erase it gone forever, no recourse for mistakes, no second chances if you change your mind, god forbid it someone got hold of your computer while you're out of the room and thought it would be fun to delete a few things.

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