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Anyone else experiencing evernote creating multiple copies of notes?

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More than once using the webclipper in Chrome it will hang up for awhile taking to "sync", after it's said it has clipped, slowly just grinding away. When I finally get it unstuck, I'll find 20-30 copies of the new note have been created. Had this happen only since the latest update. Very buggy software.

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I saw my local database growing to 44 Gb. When I had a look I found a lot of big files. One webpage and some additional pictures became 58 folders in the database and about 73 Mb. Older notes are in general 1-1.5 Mb. So it seems that when I clip the note and then add the additional pictures. I merge them to one file and do some editing. But this creates a huge amount of files and an incredible big amount of data. I use Evernote for over 5 years but this is only happening since march 2018. MacBook Pro 2017 - OS Mojave.

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