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My Evernote love is flailing

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For over two years now I've been trying to love EN. I mean there has to be a reason there's such a huge following, right?  Well before EN i was using OneNote and loved it. Still I tried the paid version of EN.  So here we are at an impasse. Still I can't free-form text in my note. Still I can't integrate hand writing into my notes easily. Why am I still here?  OneNote 2019 is coming and I'm jumping ship when that happens. The Evernote product management team KNOWS this is one of many deficiencies in the product and yet nothing is being done.  I can no longer justify the paid version of your app. Sorry.

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5 hours ago, Yogibara said:

For over two years now I've been trying to love EN.

I'm an Evernote fan; for storing and organizing my data.

I have not selected Evernote because of it's note editor.  There are much better editors available.

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Me too. I've been using EN for at least 5 years, but I can't live any longer with the poor performance on my iphone. Ever since the upgrade back in 2017, its run like a dog. It now takes 10 seconds to open on my iphone. I've started using Google Keep for new notes and am just using Evernote for legacy old notes. Its a shame, as Evernote is a better product feature wise. But that performance lag has killed it for me. Yet another good product upgraded to the point of being useless. It seems to happen to a lot of products.




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On 10/20/2018 at 12:28 PM, mikefinleyco said:

And notes are the most important document of evernote, you would assume that would mean the best note editor should be evernote, instead it's like it's stuck in 1989.

In my use,  data storage and organization is the most important feature of Evernote.

As to the "best editor"; it is most definitely not Evernote, but it's ok for basic notes.
There's also the "best format"; again it's not Evernote's enml/html fomat, but it's ok for basic notes.

With Evernote, we can use external editors and store any format files in notes as attachments.
This includes images, PDFs, word/pages documents, spreadsheets, ...

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Interesting you would pay for EN if you loved OneNote.  I'm here because I hate OneNote.  If I loved OneNote, I would likely never have touched EN, especially since everyone else in the office uses OneNote. I've known about EN since the beginning, but was cloud averse for many years.  I started using EN mostly in personal, free context a little over a year ago.  Then went Plus, then started using for non sensitive work stuff.  I can't even imagine going back to OneNote.  To me the inherent structure is such that you love one and hate the other.  OneNote isn't necessarily bad, it's more a personal philosophy in how you organize things.  If you loved OneNote you were likely doomed from the start and there's nothing we could say to convince you otherwise.

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