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toolbar notes sent never reach desktop app

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Now I twice have lost notes, that I filled in into the little toolbar window of Evernote and then sent. They never appeared in my desktop application (nor on the web). I made them anew directly in the application - but why did they disappear?

I have Evernote 7.5.2 on High Sierra 10.13.6

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This is the Evenote Helper app. 

I think I confirmed your results.
If the Evernote app is not running, the data sent from the Helper app gets lost.

I'll be opening a support ticket on this.

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I opened ticket #2691826 - Mac Evernote Helper App - Lost Data
and got this response

This is an issue our development team is aware of and working to fix. I don't have a timeline for when, but for the notes that you add when the app isn't open, once you open the app and try adding a new note through the Helper, these previous ones should appear. This can serve as a workaround, for the time being.

I can confirm that upon adding a new note, the lost notes suddenly appeared.

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Can someone confirm that 17 months later,  this still isn't fixed? Running Evernote 7.14 on Mac OS 10.13.6 (yeah, sorry, still on High Sierra).

By the way, if I hadn't found this thread, I would never have known that if I created a Helper note while Evernote IS running, all the notes I thought were lost would suddenly appear, so thanks for that. One of them in particular took forever to write and . . . I've been dreading trying to do it again.


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