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Notification for already annotated pages in Evernote

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If I use Clearly  to archive a web page , if  I am not wrong,  there is no advertisement to say that ten days before, - or two years ago - ,   I have already archived the  page on Evernote.

In fact, I search an extension that  displays  a notification when  I have selected  on the screen a page put in favorite or for which I have  archived notes.

I found this morning   when reading   https://outilscollaboratifs.com/2017/02/hypothesis-annoter-une-page-web-ou-un-pdf-a-plusieurs/

 a tool  https://web.hypothes.is/   which gives  a small notification ( by the color of the extension and a number) but this tool can be improved, I think. : notification  must be very visible .

There are also sites  which say to the internaut : you have already this page in your bookmarks .

I think that Evernote has surely this option, mais where is it ?

Thank you.


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Hi.  There's currently no way to tell if you have already clipped all or part of a web page without completing the action.  If you enable some of the Clipper options,  so that a dialogue shows after the clip is complete,  including any Related Notes,  you may be able to see if there is already a note with the same content. 

I believe it might be difficult to show an effective warning before the clip is complete - simply checking the URL would not indicate whether you had clipped only part of the page previously,  or whether there had been major changes to the content since your last visit.  A clip has to be made,  and if the full content of that clip is checked against your existing notes,  there could be long delays before the search could confirm that it is,  in fact,  not a duplication.  Better to make the clip and allow the user to delete it later.

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Thank you for your answer .

I think that it would be good that Evernote would  be able to announce that an URL has been already archived on Evernote 

That  is possible On Netvouz for bookmarks

Indeed, I use Netvouz   http://www.netvouz.com/  to manage some  bookmarks online  and I am satisfied . 

I have the following  site in my bookmarks  on Netvouz   : http://canauxdebretagne.org/

Suppose I have forgotten  that the site canauxdebretagne  is put already in my bookmarks


    Now, to put canauxdebretagne as a new bookmark   I select the button "Add2Netvouz" 

Then , I have at once, in red,  the advertisement : 
" You already have this web site bookmarked. We have ...." 

When reading an advertisement, I am happy of the managing site, I am happy  to have already written notes on this site ,  I read what I wrote and  I improve description if it is good 

Thank you 

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I come back on the subject . of  to be advertised by Evernote  when you are on the  point of rearchiving  a page already on Evernote.

You write :  " I believe it might be difficult to show an effective warning before the clip is complete"

The site archive.is, yet, has found a solution

For instance , we can go to


As soon as  I have asked archiving I have the notification  ( see capture) 

Cette page a été archivée la dernière fois il y a 4 mois

Si ce cliché semble obsolète vous pouvez  de nouveau

You can also go to https://archive.is/kwM84


I think that this property is important. Sometimes, You archive pages of web but you dont know the subject perfectly  or you forget you have already done the action.

Several months later, you are on a similar subject and in your search you can find the same references without knowing it.

If  you have the advertisement , you have to compare questions of yesterday and question of to-day : so, you have to improve your notes.

Thank you




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