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Chrome Web Clipper for Windows: clipping multiple copies

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Hi.  Don't think I've ever managed to clip several pages at the same time..  how many would you normally expect to clip?  And if this is the standard web clipper,  are you starting one clip,  going on to the next page,  starting another... and so on?  What's your OS?

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Hmmn.  Extreme clipping.  Sorry for missing the OS.  Don't have personal experience of Evernote ever having done this effectively,  and I'd think it's potentially very demanding on memory and processing power to have multiple tabs,  multiple clips and multiple uploads all running at the same time.  I'm not surprised the overload borks the process somewhere.

You're a premium member,  so you can request support on this - meantime to ensure that you get all you clip I can only suggest that you open all the pages,  but then clip and shut down the tabs,  one tab at a time.


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Thanks. I'm living with it. I only posted because I thought it was something interesting to verify. Anyway my opinion is that since some months ago something went wrong with Web Clipper. I experimented other problems, like difficulty in clipping a whole page. If I remember well, all started with the last major release of the clipper. At the same time I see that iOS and Android Clippers are better behaving than in the past. (Sorry for my English...) 

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