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Problem with Predictive Text in a Table

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I use tables a lot in Evernote and am finding that when I insert a To Do checkbox in a table, predictive text stops working. However, once I have typed out the first word after the checkbox then predictive text starts working again. This only appears to be a problem after inserting a checkbox - predictive text works fine in the rest of the table and inserting a numbered list doesn't cause any problems either. Currently using the latest beta (8.5_beta2) but have noticed this problem for the last few versions. Running Android Pie and using GBoard. Have also experimented using SwiftKey - if I insert a checkbox Swiftkey will offer some word options, but if I start typing a different word what I type is preceded by a OBJ symbol and SwiftKey doesn't predict any text. Once again, after typing in the first word, predictive text works normally. Anyone else come across this issue?

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