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I created a note as a bookmark with the web clipper.  I went to the note to add more information.  It has some text.  I hit enter, and the next line appears at least 7 line heights below.  I tried adjusting the font.  How do I fix evernotes terrible terrible default line spacing? 

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Hey @James222  

IF you place your cursor at the very end of the summary text (of a note that was created using the 'bookmark' option from the web-clipper), then hit enter, then yeah I too get the like 7 line heights of spacing for the 1st and all subsequent lines/time you hit enter

To get around this you can do one of the following:

  1. Instead, place your cursor at the very beginning of the text then enter info (adjust font type/size as desired)
  2. Highlight and delete all note content and enter text as necessary, as the link to the site is already saved in top right of note anyways (assuming summary image/data isn't important)
  3. When creating the bookmark note....you will see a web-clipper field titled 'add remark'...enter any characters here, I just enter 'xxx'. Then when you go to add more info to the note your default font type/size and normal line height is already available to you at the top of the note

This last 3rd option is what I do, and find easiest, if I want to add more info to a bookmark note

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