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Bug? Copied Internal Link adds a leading space when pasted in-line

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I have a possible bug, curious if other EV Windows users have this issue.

When I copy an internal link (Menu > Note > 'Copy Internal Link') and paste the clipboarded note into a different note's body, a leading space will appear before the clipboard's contents.

Here is a screenshot of said situation; at the end of the phrase 'This is the target note.' I have a single-space. You can see a second space was added just before the phrase, 'This is the source note.' (I selected the two spaces for visualization; they appear in grey).

Interestingly, this does not occur if it is the first line of a paragraph.


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Added additional information to screenshot example.

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This has been happening for as long as I have been pasting links.  May be how it is designed.

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