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First of all, I would like to compliment Evernote for being my constant and loyal friend for the last 10+ years.  Well done!

My small problem is every time I sort my notes, they revert back to where they were before.  Any help would be appreciated.  Other devices are ok.

Also, on this new laptop, I cannot see where to check for updates.  Thanks in advance.  Annie in Scotland

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Windows? Mac? Web?

More detail would be helpful. "every time I sort my notes, they revert back to where they were before. "  doesn't really say enough -- what are you doing between setting sort order? Exiting Evernote? Moving to a different notebook?

On Windows, the last sort should 'stick'. You can also set specific sorting / view options for specific notebooks and have them be remembered (right-click on notebook / Remember View Settings)

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