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(Archived) Font, Bold, Italics not working on Evernote 1.10.1 for Mac



I upgraded recently to the latest version of the Mac client, 1.10.1 and now I cannot change the font face, size or make text bold or italicized. Neither Command + B and Command + I nor the formatting buttons change the appearance of text in a note.

The other formatting options, color, underline, bulleted lists, justification, etc. seem to work as usual. Also, text pasted in with formatting retains its formatting and I can add bold characters into a pasted bold word, but cannot change the regular pasted text to bold.

File >> Check for Updates indicates there are no newer updates, and I've also tried restarting Evernote and the Mac.

Anyone else experiencing this? Is there a fix?

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In general, formatting is frustratingly buggy in Evernote.

+1. I love new ways to be productive with technology, so I have started taking my school notes in evernote. Unfortunately, Bold, italic, and font size are very buggy for me. I am a computer sci major so I understand the development cycle and appreciate fresh buggy releases more than most, but this is off putting. I'm going to have to go back to pages/google docs, and give the evernote team some more time to get the mac desktop client working properly. I'll be back a few updates and versions from now, good luck guys/gals! :D

(running Evernote 2.1.1 + mac os 10.6.7)

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I'm having issues where certain fonts are no longer available in some notes or in portions of notes. I have a note that has some text in geneva and some in times. I wanted to select the whole note and change the font but it doesn't work. If I select just the part I want to change the font I want does not show up on the selection.

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Still having trouble with some formatting in Evernote 1.10.1 for Mac. Font, size, bold and italics do not work in any note, but other formatting options do work.

I tried reinstalling Evernote from a fresh download and still no luck. It seems I am I the only one having this weird issue. Anyone else having the same problem? Any advice?

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This problem seems to be on every note. Even old notes that I previously composed in Evernote; for instance, in an old note that has some bold and some regular text, I cannot now turn some regular text bold. It's really quite weird.

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I'm not seeing the same problem on my system. Perhaps it's related to the content of a particular note. Can you try making a new note, make sure the font is set to Arial, and then type some stuff into it and play around with the formatting?

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