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Recently updated Evernote - How do I know when some new text has been successfully saved?

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There used to be a green "tick" at the top of a note. The tick would be a solid colour when text was being added to a new or an existing note. The tick could be clicked to save the note before closing the note, or the note would be saved automatically, and the tick would go from a solid colour to a pale colour.

That tick disappeared after the recent layout update. Is there now any way to know that some new text has been saved successfully and that the Evernote note, browser tab, or browser window can be closed?

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Hi. If you're using the browser version,  there currently seems to be no way to easily check whether or not edited content has been safely copied to the server.  Best advice might be to 'pin' that page in your browser,  and leave it open in the background while you continue to work.  If you're shutting down,  close all other apps first - and check the last note from last night when you log back in to confirm it was saved successfully

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