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Unauthorized Login?



Hello fellow users (and the moderator that will hopefully approve this ;) )

I am writing with a question for you. Evidently my account was compromised by a 3rd party user from Jordan, accessing my account through their iPhone. Has this happened to anyone else? Anyone notice any unwanted activity?

May I suggest to you, Evernote, perhaps a notification e-mail whenever a new user claims access to our accounts? I would've noticed this months ago if such a feature existed.

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Hi guys,

I'm assuming you still have control of the account, right?  If not you need to contact Evernote support to reclaim your account. 

This problem is exactly what 2FA (2 factor Authentication) is for.  If you have control of the account enable 2FA.  Authy works fine, as does 1Password which is what I now use.  Any logins from new devices are blocked unless you allow them.  I don't know how your passwords were compromised but change them to something secure, say 8 to 12 random characters.  After that you should have no problems. 


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