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Web Clipper saves every note twice.


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Saving an article with Web Clipper results in 2 notes with the same content.



Using the free version of EN this soon fills the monthly quota.


Evernote for Windows (307934) Public
OS: Windows 10.0.17134
User: ?????????
Memory: 51.2 MB
Video card 1:
    Name:           ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series
    Type:           Internal DAC(400MHz)
    Description:    ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series
    RAM:            1.0 GB
    Mode:           1280 x 1024 x 4294967296 färger
    Refresh Rate:   85 Hz
    Driver version: 8.970.100.9001
    Driver date:    2015/01/13 00:00:00
    Availability:   3
Created: 2018/10/10 23:42:50

Intel Core 2 Duo 3 GHz


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Roberto, you have to explain what you mean with "two different pages at the same time"? Is this even possible technically? With 2 different units maybe, but up until now I have only saved to EN from my Windows PC Desktop computer solely. Using only one unit at a time. No mobile usage.

I most often save interesting articles/websites into "Pocket" to check at a later date. When I find an article among these that I want to be able to return to, I save it to EN. Most often with the web clipper. Many articles can be long but stills fits within the same web page. If the article contains several separate pages I usually just save the first page as a bookmark in EN.

At one occasion it even saved 3 copies of my clip.

This behaviour started some weeks, maybe a month ago. Before this it worked as it should.

This way the quota disappears fast. Especially if the article contains a lot of graphics.

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If you have more than one tab open, you can try to clip each one.

What I suspect since today is that, for some strange reason, if I try to clip from two (or more) different pages on different Chrome tabs, what I obtain are more copies of one of them.

But I'm not sure about this and I wanted to know if it could be the reason also in your case.

Thanks for the answer.

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OK, I think a see what you mean? I usually have 4 tabs pinned (Outlook.com, Evernote Web, Pocket and Feedly) in Chrome or Edge. The 5th tab usually contains the article I choose from Pocket (automatically opened from Pocket when clicked). It's the content from the 5th tab I try to clip. The other tabs doesn't contain anything really clippable, although it's possible in some instances. Very rarely I have more than one tab open for articles at the same time. If EN works as it should it would only clip from the currently choosen tab. Did you experience it working another way?

Clipping worked as expected up until October but have misbehaved since.

I tried to clip a web page just now and when I choose to mark a section it resulted in 1 copy saved, when I choose "Article" - 2 copies saved and when using "Simple article" - 1 copy saved. Tried "Bookmark" also and it resulted in 2 copies saved. Obviously something very wrong! I haven't tried the other choices.

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Yes: clipping should work on the open tab, but how long it takes to clip? If you switch to another tab, while still clipping on the first one, you should clip in each tab its content. 

Until recently, it worked so. Now it seems that something changed, but I don't know if it is a differnt issue form yours or is a side-effect of yours.

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OK I see. Either way I don't get content from more than one tab simultaneously, just several copies of the same content from one tab. How many copies depending on what type of clip I choose. There's something wrong with the Web Clipper!!! Something EN should correct. Using the free version it seems like it isn't possible to report bugs to EN anymore? You have to be a paying customer?

I have noticed that the time stamp between different copies can vary a little sometimes.

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