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I think someone decided to change some color schemes in  version (307934) Public (CE Build ce-53.4.6770)

I am color tone blind (as are ~4% of all males). I am also elderly. Consequently, there are certain colors I simply do not see as well as you. (There are, in fact, many color tones that we do not see at all.)

With this new version I find that when I select a block of text, the resulting  background color is a very light blue or green. It is so light that I can only just barely see it.  Most times I cannot see it all. 

Is there some way I can change the color scheme for blocked text?

I've looked at all of the settings and don't seem to find anything like this.  This is NOT a problem with any of my other programs, so it seems to be specific to Evernote and not a general Windows setting.

I would urge Evernote engineers to be more sensitive to readabilty factors for both older folks and color-tone blind people who use Evernote.  


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8 minutes ago, Ataraxius said:

Is there some way I can change the color scheme for blocked text?

I think it's a bug.  The app should be using the default highlight colour, which can be customized (Mac)

In the meantime, can you work with a different background colour.
I use a template set up with a table with background colour.

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@Ataraxius, the selection color is indeed a light blue. I'm fortunate enough that, although borderline elderly, I can see colors OK. So while it looks nice to me, I can understand it might not be great for everyone. ?rant follows: More and more these days, software design seems to be done by 25-year-olds for 25-year-olds. That was great 30 years ago when it was mostly people that age using computers. A bunch of us in our 60s, 70s, and upward have grown old with computers, and our visual needs have changed. We're in better health than our grandparents were at this age, and we plan to keep working on computers for a long time yet. You kids need to pay some attention! (It's OK if you come onto my lawn though!) end ?rant.

@DTLow, there's no system-level highlight setting (if that's what you're saying) on Windows, unfortunately, which lets individual apps get oh-so-clever.

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I've been working on writing a novel for several years and use EN to keep all of my research notes. I have about 13,000 notes.  The nature of my work often involves a lot of copy/pasting.

I've been a PAID user of EN for a decade.  Lately, I find that I am using EN less and less and am "vigorously" looking around for alternatives SPECIFICALLY because this color issue makes it difficult for me to continue using it.

This color issue is becoming a deal-breaker.

Evernote Engineers-- if you are listening -- you need to do something about this!  


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I agree with all the notes above 100%. I've had a problem for a while but it finally got so bad that I took the time to make an account, login and tell the company this is a real problem. Highlighted text is so subtle that it cannot be seen by my 55 year old eyes. 

I literally just have to trust I've selected what I want. And to be clear, I don't have a problem with my vision in any other context of my life ....including any other program. ONLY EVERNOTE.


Please fix this. When you select something, the background color identifying the selected text... needs to be a darker shade.



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