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Export all notes to HTML problem MacOS

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I'm trying to export all my notes in HTM for backup purposes. I'm using Evernote 7.5.2, MacOS 10.13.6.

I select All Notes, right-click and Export Notes..., and the popup tells me we're preparing and then under way.

Every time, after a hundred or so files of my 1,150 or so total, it stops and pops up with "Unable to load resource data ... note titled xxxxx" and will go no further. A different note each time.

I've tried exporting a few of these allegedly errant files individually, and they do export safely, so it would seem not to a problem with these files themselves. 

I saw a post that suggested a shift-alt sync, but that made no difference, nor did restarting.

What's going wrong here. and what can I do to fix it?

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By the way, a note to the moderator, I think this has been moved to the wrong section. I originally posted it in Evernote General Discussions because I didn't know where else to put it. It's since been moved here, to Product Feedback & Feature Requests/Evernote for Mac, but it seems to me it would make more sense for it to be in Possible Bugs & Technical Issues/Evernote for Mac. Perhaps best to move it to there?

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I have had a very similar problem with html exports for several years.  I use a Mac with current operating systems.  Like Necktilt, my html exports fail on notes that will export individually. Unlike Necktilt, my exports fail on specific notes. If I remove a note from the export group and retry,  the export will progress to another failure, etc.  All of the failing notes will export individually.

In Oct 2016, Evernote responded to my escalated Ticket# 1850762 with " We are currently aware of this issue, and although I don't have an ETA of when it will be resolved, I can assure you we're working diligently to fix it."

I've given up hope.  

My workaround is to batch the export of my 5000 notes into groups, and to tag troublesome notes to make it easier to exclude them from the groups..

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15 minutes ago, skkippy said:

My workaround is to batch the export of my 5000 notes into groups, and to tag troublesome notes to make it easier to exclude them from the groups..

Thanks for the tip.  So far my weekly export of 12k notes has no failures on my Mac.  The database structure is also less complex than Windows.

Is there any pattern in the failed notes?  Evernote's enml/ html is qite simple in structure.

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I have a two note test case where html export of either note individually works, but html export of the two at once fails. Note content is a factor, but as the test case shows, something else is going on. Notes that trigger failure contain images or other attachments, for example gpx/kml files.

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Well, I haven't got round to the reinstall yet, but seeing these latest messages from skkippy does make me wonder if it's worth the effort.

My failed notes have in common that they have either jpegs or pdfs attached (from memory, but I'll check further).

Maybe skkippy's workaround is the way to go, as it sounds like Evernote are deaf to this problem.

I will try the reinstall, though, when I get a mo', just in case.

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OK, I tried the reinstall. No difference.

I did start another attempt at exporting all notes as HTML, and the usual 100 or so files in it stalled. The errant note had a jpeg attachment (like many others that it hadn't stalled on). I went to that note, did a save as, cancelled, came back, and the next attempt went a little further. And so on, laboriously, back and forth through another 20 or 30 errant files, whereupon it got stuck on one that kept stalling it, no matter how many save as's or other things I could think of to jerk it into passing by that one. No luck. I swore quite a lot, and I gave up.

I find this infuriatingly poor performance from an app I rely on so heavily and which costs me quite a bit to subscribe to.

The reason I wanted the export/backup was because I figured it would be a good idea to have a set of HTML files that could be transferred to another app, should the rumours of Evernote's imminent demise prove correct. Now I can't even do that. I can't imagine this is the case, but it's almost as if Evernote were making sure you can't migrate.

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6 hours ago, Necktilt said:

No luck. I swore quite a lot, and I gave up.

fwiw  I use scripting to automate my backups.  So far, no problems with the full export in bulk.  If necessary, I can change this to individual note backups.

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On 10/22/2018 at 2:56 AM, Necktilt said:

DTLow, I have an email notification that you posted a message beginning "I don't know what ..." but I don't see that here?

Sorry, I'm having problems posting with an iPad and weak internet service.  I'll sort it out when I get home.

edit: I've lost whatever thoughts I had on this, just whatever's already posted.
         I'm not able to replicate the issue being reported.

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Thanks DTLow, but that solution for cameronreilly doesn't relate to me: the files that give me problems have titles of around 12 characters.

Still waiting to hear anything from Support on my ticket from Oct 27.

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4 hours ago, alisah said:

Any chance we’ll be able to share notes with others? Some collaborative features would be welcome (assign notes to other people, let other people edit your notes, dates, etc.).

This is unrelated to the discussion uyou're posting in.

Evernote has collaboration features; sharing notes and notebooks with others.



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18 minutes ago, Necktilt said:

Thanks Nick. I'm pretty sure the filenames in question were not long. But I'll give it a try anyway. Is it safe to do the beta? If so, how do I do that?

This beta is fairly solid as it's mostly aimed at bug fixes and dark mode refinement, but I would always recommend running a local back up of your own Mac before doing any beta testing for any software. If you want to give it a go, just use the link I posted above to go to the beta thread and install the new beta version. 

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1 hour ago, CaptainValor said:

I am also experiencing this issue. Using Evernote 7.8 on MacOS Mojave 10.14.3. Failing on specific files. Any hope of a fix soon?

Any pattern on the "specific files"?  We've had reported errors with title lengths and invalid characters.

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I have this same issue

MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6

Evernote v 7.14

I have over 6000 notes and us these "odd" characters in titles to help the organization process - to take them all out would mean a whole new system of titling my notes and hours and hours removing that in order to get the notes backed up. It's more than 2 years after the initial posting here... still no new fixes?

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