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Missing the delete button in top bar



In latest update you removed the delete button from top bar. May I ask why you decided to do that?

I use it all the time. Most of the time I just scribble some idea that is meant to be attached to a more complex note, so I delete the original. Other times I just write a couple of words to remind me of something I have to do, then I delete the note when its done. So, I constantly use the delete note feature, but now I'm stuck with the keyboard shortcut or right click > delete.

I tried to add the delete button to the top bar by using View > Customize Toolbar, but there is no delete button available.

Can you please add it to the Customize Toolbar menu?


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Yes, truly astonishing that they would remove that button and make me use the context right-click menu.

Or maybe not. Maybe just a sign that it's time to move on. Every new feature does not interest me. Still can't rely on basic search being restored to its previous level of functionality, for example. But there's a big green share button, by golly. Not for me. Seeking alternatives ... once again. Suggestions?

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