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I updated iOS and Evernote at the same time recently, so I’m not sure what the culprit us, except that I haven’t had this issue in any other app. The issue is actually two. One, Touching the screen now frequently does not insert the cursor or elicit any response at all. Two, touching a note within a couple of inches of the bottom or side of the note often flips to another note. It’s not even always the next note in the list. Together these issues have seriously disrupted part of my use of Evernote. I use it to make assignment notes for students, part of which I write during their lessons, jotting down things to myself that I can later make understandable for them. But very often, touching the screen has one of the above issues. Is this an iOS issue or an Evernote issue? I really need it fixed. It’s extremely disruptive. 

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I am experiencing the same cursor problem. Intermittently, I cannot move the cursor. When I touch in the lower part of the note, typically around the last fifty words, I get no response and therefore cannot edit the latest text I've just added to my note. It's quite disconcerting. I expect it is a simple software glitch. I hope it will be dealt with in the next rev. 

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Same here!

...but, I saw that if everything is sync right, if all offline notebooks are full downloaded, and the device is OFFLINE , or better Evernote is not online, everything works smooth. I'm editing all I need without problems and when I'm sure that I have a good internet access and time to let Evernote sync everything I do a syncro.

I use to have all notebooks download on device. All my notes are for offline use. I'm collecting notes all day long in offline mode and after I "put" Evernote online to sync everything.



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This has frustrated me also to the point that I stopped taking notes in Evernote. It had become too difficult to use. 

I did notice today that when I turned off "Context" under Settings/Notes it seems to be working properly for me again. Does this workaround work for you all?


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Hey All,

I wanted to drop in and let you know that we are aware that this is an issue, believe we've identified the root cause, and are currently working to address the issue as best we are able.

As @Kevin Carr mentioned, turning off Context should fix the issue in the interim until we can provide an permanent fix.

I'll follow-up here once I have more information, but let know if you have any other questions in the meantime!

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I'm also having this problem, and it's indeed some kind of hit area problem with context. Tapping in the bottom area of the note is opening context related content even if it's not visible. I came in here looking to see if it's been reported. Thanks.

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