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WORKAROUND: Notes created in NixNote are empty in Android app

Michael Ehling

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Creating notes in NixNote (a native Linux client for Evernote, most recently being developed by https://github.com/robert7) can cause what appear to be empty notes in the Android App. If you create a note in NixNote and sync it, you'll see the note with a preview of your text on the Android app's list of notes. When you open the note, however, the Android app shows you an empty note (with prompts to edit or apply a template).

This problem does not exist with Evernote web app. It opens these notes fine.

The workaround: Use NixNote's editor to set a specific font.

It appears that the way NixNote handles notes that only include  a default font is fine for Evernote for Web but not for Evernote for Android. If you select your text and set it to any other font (or set it to any other font then set it back to the default font), the Android app can deal with it. This appears only to be an issue with notes created first in NixNote.

How to:

  1. Create a note in NixNote
  2. Select all the text.
  3. Change the of the selected text to any other font.(Optionally, change it back).
  4. Sync the note and it will appear well in the Android App.

Alternatively, you can create and sync a note in NixNote, open it in Evernote for Web (maybe the desktop apps, too?) and make a small change (add a space at the end, for instance). When Evernote for Web then saves your changes (pretty much instantly), your note will be visible in the Android app. Use this method if you have  multiple fonts set in the note you've as the above 'how to' would set them all to be the same.

Edited by Michael Ehling
Fixed the workaround based on further study of the issue.
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