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Evernote for those with Disabilities


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I have been using Evernote for at least 5 years, maybe more. I recently filled in a survey and no were did I see any mention of questions on how people with disabilities use Evernote....or could use it.

I was in a car accident 6 years ago, then suffered 2 strokes. In addition to some paralysis, mild memory issues and loss of 50-60% of my sight, I had some issues in my life that required some changes. As a Evernote user, I started to use Evernote to help me get my life back in order, and my business. My energy level was reduced in a day and so I needed to get more done and better organize my life / work / creative side. Evernote was there for me in the hospital for 4 weeks on my phone and my iPad. I did not have my laptop as I was flown out of my town on a MediVac flight with limited stuff to bring along.

Here are just a few things that helped me get organized. Not the complete list.

- My memory had been damaged temporarily and so Evernote was very helpful in reviewing business and personal notes. I studied Evernote content that I added daily and that helped me.

- My vision was impaired and so I needed to adjust the fonts and display of information to help me.

- I temporarily had to change the format / layout of notes to better understand the content.

- Reading (temporarily ) was a challenge as I saw ghosted images

- Recordings worked well and the ability to associate text and images together worked well.

- Remembering access to hundreds of servers, password protected areas was critical and I used Evernote to store these.

- Evernote allowed me to take pictures and assign to files. Evening driving directions and key locations, I could store with my phone.

- Part of my brain injury was that I actually got more creative and innovative in my thinking and processing. I started recording story and book ideas. This helped pass the time while in the hospital. I then return back to these notes and added them to the program Scrivener.

I can think of many different ideas and ways I used it that was tied to my new life, new medications. Having to relearn English and the ability to read was helped my Evernte.

So the whole point of this post is that there are thousands of people who suffer strokes, accidents and debilitating injuries that could bounce back USING EVERNOTE as a tool. When the nurses saw how quickly I was getting better, they wanted to know what I did to relearn. And to refocus my brain. For a great chunk of it, Evernote was very critical to my recovery. Since my last stroke (18 months ago), I still use Evernote hours everyday. It freaks out alot of people how well I manage now. But its very related to how Evernote helped me. 

Hopefully, one day the owners of Evernote will see that there are many applications in life and experience of those disabled that can be improved by using Evernote. It might be a niche they have not thought about. The integration between phone / laptop / tablet is very important.

Thanks.... feedback is welcome.

Gordon Currie





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That is really a great post! I am physically disabled, but as I get older (53 now) I tend to forget where I left certain notes and important documents. I am using Evernote Premium for a few years now and it is a huge help for me. My desk is uncluttered and - even more important - my mind too. I love the web version the most although it has less features than the Windows / Android version. It is so easy to switch for a moment to Evernote to quickly look up some information that I need while doing other things.

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